Community management of crop diversity to enhance resilience, yield stability  and  income generation  in  changing  West  African  climates



CODE-WA is an interdisciplinary research for development project. It lays emphasis on participatory approaches and is funded by the German

Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and hosted at ICRISAT Sahelian Centre in Niger. 

CODE-WA wants to increase farmers‘ options to cope with effects of climate change like shortened rainy seasons, higher unpredictability and variability of rains. At the same time it wants to develop new ways to increase farmers‘ incomes.

CODE-WA includes research on

  1.     climatology

  2.     plant breeding

  3.     phytodiversity

  4.     soil science

  5.     communication


CODE-WA - integrating research and development

Crop diversity is the key which allows West African farmers to react to climate variability. The CODE-WA project helps farmers to increase crop diversity at the species and variety level.